Sip, Swirl & Savour

A Wine Blending and Tapas Affair on the Bay

Saturday 10th June 2023

Get your weekend off to a stunning start with a masterclass in wine blending, followed by a delicious tapas style rustic lunch, overlooking the vines and spectacular sea views towards the beautiful Bay of Shoals.

Let your creativity take you on a journey as you learn how to recognise distinct flavours and textures and the fine art of balancing wine, refining depth, fullness of body, acidity, and complexity, creating your own unique blended bottle of wine to take home which will be an expression of your own individual palate.

Enjoy a delicious rustic style tapas lunch and wrap up the afternoon with a warming glass of spiced mulled wine by the open fire, overlooking the vines towards the bay.

$95.00 per person

Seasonal Events

During busy periods ie. Christmas, Easter and school holidays we alter our hours and put on additional events to showcase our wines and local artisits. For more information please visit our facebook page